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Sharing Your Workplace Story to Create Change

PFLAG National believes that when we share our personal stories, we transform the conversation about LGBTQ+ equality. And while everyone has a story to tell we’re rarely taught to share our stories effectively. In this learning session participants will identify and develop their workplace stories about LGBTQ+ inclusion. They’ll also have an opportunity to share their stories and receive peer feedback in a supportive environment. Session materials include a customized storytelling workbook.

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Course Length

90 minutes (in-person or hybrid), 60 minutes + up to 30 additional minues (online)

Who this course is for

General audience

Download a one page PDF that includes information about this learning session.

A well-crafted and confidently delivered personal story about LGBTQ+ and ally experiences in the workplace can be one of the most important resources in any changemaker’s toolbox. Leveraging PFLAG’s 50 years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization, this session will:

  • Introduce the many ways our personal stories can transform the way people see and relate to one another and help to bridge gaps in the workplace
  • Discuss the key elements of effectively told personal stories and develop your own narrative using the story arc model
  • Review strategies for developing your unique storytelling style for one-on-one and presentations to groups
  • Create and share your two-minute personal story and get feedback from other participants

For in-person and hybrid sessions, this session is only available in a 90-minute format. For online sessions, groups that would like to reserve time for employees to share their stories are REQUIRED to schedule a 75- or 90-minute session.

A cross-network version of this workshop designed to highlight intersections and inspire collaborative efforts is available.

Participant Materials