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Aired Jan 25, 2024

Black History Should be Celebrated All Year Long

As we head into Black History Month, at a time when books written by Black authors are being removed from shelves and classes about Black history are being removed from school curriculums, finding joy seems difficult.

Join us on Thursday, January 25 at 4:30 PM ET / 1:30 PM PT for our monthly episode of Something to Talk About Live! where we will discuss “Black Joy Is For Black Queer Youth, Too,” by Amaris Ramey which appeared on parents.com. We are excited to welcome Sikivu Hutchinson, an American feminist, novelist, playwright and director, as our guest.

Article: Black Joy Is For Black Queer Youth, Too

Source: parents.com

Author:  Amaris Ramey

Questions for Discussion:

  1. How did reading this article make you feel? What, if anything, about the author’s experience could you relate to? Was there anything that they shared that you had not heard as a part of a coming out narrative before?
  2. This article makes note of two Black celebrities publicly threatening their sons with violence if they were LGBTQ+. How do you think those statements, and the media’s coverage of them, impact Black queer youth?
  3. What can allies do to support and celebrate black queer youth? How can we help to ensure that #blackjoy is for queer youth too?

Bonus Resources: Check out “After years of erasure, Black queer leaders rise to prominence in Congress and activism’” from the AP by Ayanna Alexander and “10 books that Center and Celebrate the Black LGBTQ+ Experience” from the Grio by Maiysha Kai.

About Our Guests:

Sikivu Hutchinson, an American feminist, novelist, playwright and director