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Aired Jul 7, 2022

Legends of Drag

International Drag Day, an annual celebration of all things drag on July 16, was founded in 2009 by Adam Stewart to honor drag performers and thank them for their ongoing impact on queer culture. Commemorated with performances, educational events, and more International Drag day is an opportunity for us all to learn more about “all those fierce queens right through to the butch kings.” 

We hosted a conversation about this article as a part of PFLAG Connects and Something to Talk About Live on Thursday, July 7. Did you miss it? You can still watch it here!     

Article: Celebrating ‘Legends’ Who Catwalk Among Us 

Source: New York Times 

Author: Christopher Barnard 

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Have you ever attended a drag show or another event that featured drag performers? If so, what was that experience like for you? If not, would you attend one in the future? Why or why not? 

  2. What, if anything, do you know about the history, significance, and evolution of drag? How has drag influenced LGBTQ+ culture? How has in influenced modern pop culture in the US? What resources could you turn to, to learn more? 

  3. Aunt Charlie’s Lounge – which is named in the article – is the last gay bar in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco and it nearly closed for good due to COVID-19. What can we as individuals do to support these kinds of LGBTQ+ spaces and ensure that drag queens and kings have spaces to perform? 

Bonus Read: Check out Drag Queens won’t be cowed by haters. The story hour goes on. from NBC News THINK by Lil Miss Hot Mess and The Zine That Documented Drag’s Campy Coming of Age from Smithsonian Magazine by Jane Recker

About Our Guest:

Harry James Hanson, artist, creative director, and stylist

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