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For some allies being supportive of their LGBTQ+ friends and family is a process that never ends. The everyday ally is looking for ways to build their skills and comfort level so that they can be even more openly and actively supportive, whether it is in the conversations they initiate, the way they educate others, or how they vote at the ballot box.

Everyday allies are the people who are often looking for new ways to:

  • Celebrate their LGBTQ+ friends and family
  • Respond when someone makes an off-color joke or comment
  • Learn more about some advocacy issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community
  • Openly and actively express their support for equality

These allies may not be experts in all things LGBTQ+, but they strive to do what they know to be right in powerful, meaningful ways in private and in public.In this section you'll find resources appropriate for an Everyday Ally hoping to learn more about how to move equality forward. Need a quick review? Check out our resources for New Allies! Think that you've mastered the Everyday? Then be sure to keep learning more by visiting our resources for Super Allies!


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