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Join the GLMA Provider Database

Join the GLMA Provider Database as a Straight for Equality Ally in Healthcare!

Straight for Equality is partnering with the GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality to invite healthcare providers who are allies to the LGBTQ+ community to register to become part of their Healthcare Provider Directory. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up as a supportive Straight for Equality Ally and appear in search results for healthcare providers in your area.

Joining the GLMA database is a great way to start “coming out” as an ally in healthcare and is a very simple way to let people who are LGBTQ+ in your community know that you will be a welcoming and supportive healthcare professional. You can also increase the visibility of your practice to a new audience.

Who is eligible?: Healthcare professionals from a wide variety of fields can register with the GLMA as a Straight for Equality Ally. This includes primary care/family/general practice physicians, OB/GYNs, behavioral health professionals, dental health professionals, and alternative health professionals.

Where do I sign up?: Go directly to the GLMA Website.

How do I sign up? Go to the GLMA registration page.

  1. Choose your listing type: individual or group
  2. Choose your account type: basic or enhanced*
  3. Check off the affirmations. You’ll be asked to check of a series of statements that affirm your commitment to being an ally to LGBTQ+ patients.
  4. Provide your details. Enter your contact information.
  5. Indicate that you are Straight for Equality. Below your office address info, click on the link that says “Straight for Equality”.
  6. Preview your listing. Clicking the “preview listing” button shows you exactly how your listing will look when people do a search for providers in GLMA’s database. Checking the Straight for Equality box will display the Straight for Equality logo next to your name in the database, so everyone will know that you are a Straight for Equality Ally.
  7. Save changes and finish. Click the “save changes and finish” button and you’re done!

*Note: The basic account allows you to list your primary contact information, specialties, and license/credential information.The enhanced account allows you to list your primary address and phone, specialties, license/credential information, e-mail and web addresses, education, map and directions, a personal statement, and upload a photo. You will also receive priority listing in search results. To open an enhanced account, you must become a member of GLMA.)