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Thanks for participating in Want to be an Ally (Or Help One Out?): Straight for Equality in the Workplace. On this page you'll find a list of materials that correspond to the learning objectives in today's session.

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  • equality literacy 101: Choosing to have a conversation often starts with being comfortable with terminology. This quick cheat sheet will help get you caught up on the right words to use.
  • 10 things you can do as an ally: Looking for ways to go beyond what was covered in the session? This list may offer some good ideas.
  • International Laws: Find out what the laws in places around the globe are when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights and equality. From the International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Association.
  • The Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index: Get the report card for corporate America on LGBTQ+ inclusive policies. Released annually by the Human Rights Campaign use this report to learn more about where your company stands when it comes to equality. The results may surprise you. You can also use it to inform your purchases and they even have a smartphone ap to help you make choices on the go.
  • The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion: The Cost of the Closet surveyed over 800 LGBTQ+ workers across the country and included an added survey of non-LGBTQ+ workers.
  • Out in the World. Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace: Out in the World was released by the Center for Talent Innovation in January 2016 and analyzes some of the most significant challenges that multinational corporations face in the global marketplace when corporate policy conflicts with anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the countries where they do business.
  • Accelerating Acceptance 2019: Now in its fifth year, Accelarting Acceptance is a report commissioned by GLAAD and The Harris Poll to index and measure attitudes toward people who are LGBTQ+ and the issues they face in the US.
  • Degrees of Equality: Originally conducted to assess the gap between policy change and culture change, this is an extensive assessment of workplace climate. Released in 2009, the Human Rights Campaign worked with Lake Research Partners to conduct focus groups, in depth interviews, and a nationally based survey to collect data. It details the successes and failures of policy change and investigates the actual environments in which LGBTQ+ people work in each day.
  • The Power of OUT: There is a fee to access this study, conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy. It has information about the talent recruitment and retention issues that arise in uninclusive workplaces. It also includes information about innovative programs designed to change workplace culture so LGBTQ+ employees feel welcome and free to bring their full selves to work.
  • Straight for Equality Workplace resources: Still need more? Check out our full workplace resource area for even more details on workplace issues, external resources, other learning opportunities, and advanced tools.

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