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Becoming a Trans Ally to Go Beyond the Binary: What Would You Do?

People who are transgender (trans), including people who are nonbinary, report higher rates of discrimination at work than gay and lesbian individuals. This learning session applies the unique Straight for Equality approach to invite, educate, and engage allies for people who are trans and/or nonbinary. Participants will learn about key terminology related to gender identity and expression, expansive pronouns and how to use them, skills they need to be allies to people who are trans, and includes opportunities for participants to navigate real-world scenarios as allies.

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Course Length

90 minutes (in-person or hybrid), 60 minutes (online)

Who this course is for

General audience

Download a one page PDF that includes information about this learning session.

Much-needed visibility for transgender and nonbinary people in the US has changed discourse about gender identity and expression. Leveraging PFLAG’s 50 years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization, this session will:

  • Discuss how gender identity and gender expression have traditionally been understood in the US and the ways that understanding is evolving
  • Clarify the role that allies can play – and provide concrete suggestions for things to do – to ensure that people who are trans and nonbinary are supported and included at work; and
  • Work out, through small group discussion/online interaction, how you’d navigate some common (but tough) scenarios that allies often face in the workplace – and learn how others do it, too.

Participant Materials