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Don’t Know Much About LGBTQ+ History? The Ultimate LGBTQ+ History and Culture Extravaganza

Stonewall. Rainbow flags. Pink triangles. Lavender lambdas. Pink, blue, and white banners. Pride parades. Disco. Fire Island, WeHo, and Boy’s Town. Harvey, Audre, Marsha, Sylvester, and even Gaga. What does it all mean? LGBTQ+ history and culture tell the story of a vibrant, diverse, and determined community that has overcome massive barriers and deeply influenced mainstream culture.

In this session, participants will learn about what many of the symbols, events, and references mean. We’ll also offer some great insight into the larger story as well as how it all impacts the work we continue to do—as members of the LGBTQ+ community and as allies—today.

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Course Length

90 minutes (in-person), 60 minutes (online)

Who this course is for

Self-identified allies, LGBTQ+ people who want to learn more; basic understanding of LGBTQ+ issues helpful

  • Discuss why providing education and programs on LGBTQ+ history and culture is relevant and necessary in the workplace
  • Look at some key – and often ignored – people, places, and things from LGBTQ+ history in the United States
  • Understand the cultural context for elements of LGBTQ+ culture including camp, signaling, “gayborhoods”, and LGBTQ+ bars/clubs
  • Find out how having a grasp of LGBTQ+ history can become a resource for educating, navigating conflict, and building bridges

An advanced version of this learning session, that includes opportunities to investigate how LGBTQ+ history impacts today’s political realities, is available.