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Want to Be an Ally (or Help One Out)?: Building the Path for Your Ally Journey

Roughly half of LGBTQ+ adults still remain closeted at work. In this session, participants (whether LGBTQ+ or not) will find out why that matters and the impact it has on the bottom line for organizations. They’ll learn the power allies have to create change. We’ll also provide space to honestly discuss the barriers to expressing support in the workplace. Finally, participants will get strategies and tools needed to be part of creating real inclusion.

Beginner to Intermediate
Let's Talk
Course Length

90 minutes (in-person or hybrid), 60 minutes (online)

Who this course is for

General audience, no prior knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues required.

Download a one page PDF that includes information about this learning session.

Corporate America has led the way to create policies to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) employees from discrimination and harassment. Leveraging PFLAG’s 50 years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization, this session will:

  • Review the LGBTQ+ basics including core terminology
  • Characterize who allies are and set basic expectations for ally behavior in the workplace
  • Make the business and marketplace case for why LGBTQ+ inclusion is a relevant issue for all companies
  • Identify and discuss the individual barriers that allies face that may create roadblocks to demonstrating their support; and
  • Discuss concrete, straightforward ideas about how to overcome barriers, express support, and change the places that we work.

Participant Materials