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What the Plus?: Understanding and Supporting Expansive LGBTQ+ Identities

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Queer. Simple, right? Not for everyone. In this session, we’ll spend time discussing what the + after “LGBTQ+” encompasses. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about nonbinary gender identities, bisexual+ identities, asexuality and aromanticism, and intersex conditions. No matter how you identify, this session will help you serve as an ally to others in this space.

Let's Talk
Course Length

90 minutes (in-person or hybrid), 60 minutes (online)

Who this course is for

Advanced audience with knowledge of why diversity, equity and inclusion are important in the workplace and an understanding of core LGBTQ+ terminology.

Download a one page PDF that includes information about this learning session.

Education around what it means to hold often ignored, less visible, identities that make up “the plus” in LGBTQ+ is important for companies striving to create welcoming and inclusive workplace culture. Leveraging PFLAG’s 50 years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization, this session will:

  • Review some of the identities that are often considered to be a part of “the plus” in LGBTQ+ including nonbinary, Two-Spirit, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, and intersex
  • Discuss specific ways we can all demonstrate allyship to individuals who hold these identities
  • Consider meaningful and effective programming focused on the experiences of people who hold these identities; and
  • Get connected with organizations led by, and resources created for, individuals and communities with identities that are a part of “the +”.

By request, a section on polyamory (definition, stats, ally behaviors) can be included as a part of this learning session. If included, online only sessions must be extended to 75 minutes.

Participant Materials