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Super Allies

Super allies are the allies found on the front lines of fighting and advocating for equality alongside their LGBTQ+ friends. Some of the characteristics of the super ally are:

  • Actively initiating conversations about LGBTQ+ equality with people — and being vocal when they hear something that isn’t inclusive
  • Proudly self-identifying themselves as allies in all aspects of their lives, from home, to work, to school, and faith communities
  • Being willing to take action on legislative and advocacy issues to achieve legal equality for LGBTQ+ people
  • Attending more Pride parades than their LGBTQ+ friends (just joking…although it may be true)

But even super allies can use ideas and support for their efforts to learn more, become even more involved, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in whatever ways they can. In need of a refresher? Check out the New Allies or the Everyday Allies. Already waving your rainbow flag? Check out a few ways to improve your super ally game here!