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Be Kind, Rewind: Recognizing Your Role in Building Inclusion

Nonstop social media. Working from home. Political unrest. Baggage. And so many deadlines. While we may intend on being welcoming and inclusive, the impact of our actions often is not. In this session, we’ll talk about how to build awareness for your behavior and the effect it may have on others and identify common places where biases and assumptions can lead to broken relationships. Then we’ll talk through strategies for doing better—as individuals and organizations—as we move forward.

All Levels
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Course Length

90 minutes (in-person or hybrid), 60 minutes (online)

Who this course is for

General audience, no prior knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues required.

Download a one page PDF that includes information about this learning session.

We are all products of our upbringing, environments, biases (known and unknown), and daily stressors Leveraging PFLAG’s 50 years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization, this session will:

  • Acknowledge what’s happening in the world right now and how exclusion and unkindness can show up in the workplace
  • Consider some of the ways that good, well-intentioned people do not so good things when it comes to creating welcoming and inclusive spaces and the reasons that happens to all of us
  • Discuss individual and organization-level changes we can make to build kind, inclusive spaces for our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders
  • Talk together about what comes next because this is just the start of this conversation about the work we need to do to create welcoming and inclusive spaces

This session is not exclusively focused on LGBTQ+ identities.

This learning session is most effective when offered as a cross-network learning experience.

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