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Straight for Equality Materials for Super Allies

If you identify as a super ally, you’re ready for the biggest collection of Straight for Equality resources that we can offer. Remember that these resources, tools, and training programs aren’t just about you — they’re about you finding ways to use them to educate and engage even more allies around you.

The Great Big Super Ally Resource Extravaganza:

  1. Straight for Equality Materials Check out all Straight for Equality and PFLAG-created resources on this site. Super Allies can use these tools to help in their efforts to take action in their communities.
  2. Straight for Equality Learning Sessions Learn more about what Straight for Equality learning sessions can offer you. Many super allies need our unique approach to taking on the challenging issues they face in their office, school, faith group, and community.
  3. Straight for Equality on Facebook You do like us, right?
  4. Straight for Equality on Twitter And you’re following us, too, of course…