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Action Items for Super Allies

Host an “I am an ally because…” or “As a trans ally I will…” Photo Drive at Work or School
By now you’ve (hopefully) done your own “I am an ally because…” and “As a trans ally I will…” photo and shared it with us. Why not make it an event at school or at work? Print the cards, get your camera, and ask people to tell why they’re allies. And be sure to share them with us by e-mailing [email protected]!

Have a Straight for Equality Movie Night 
Tried and true, a movie night or film screening is great way to help your friends learn more about a topic and to provide space for discussion and debate. And remember, you don’t have to stick to boring documentaries that run the risk of putting people to sleep. Think outside the usual stuff — maybe Transamerica to talk about people who are transgender, But I’m a Cheerleader to talk about “ex-gay” ministries, or the musical Rent to start a conversation about HIV/AIDS awareness and activism.

Watch “What Would You Do: Tips and Tools for PFLAGers and Allies in Tough Situations​”
This 60 minute webinar, from PFLAG Academy Online, is a great way to learn more about guidelines and better practices for allies who want to be visible, vocal, and active in their communities and show support for their LGBTQ+ loved ones. It will also allow you to consider how you’d navigate some common (but tough) scenarios allies face.

Host a Straight for Equality Learning Session or Webinar
Straight for Equality has a series of learning sessions available that cover a variety of topics from ally engagement strategies, to building diverse coalitions, in schools. Each session is customized for the audience, provides participants with a great experience and take-home resources, and offers you a way to bring ally engagement to a new level. Check out our current offerings and contact us for more information about the benefits of booking a learning session with PFLAG’s Straight for Equality program.

Sign Up for Action Alerts with PFLAG
If you’re ready to start changing laws for your LGBTQ+ friends, there’s no better place for an ally to be than on PFLAG’s Action Alert e-mail list. Signing up is easy and you’ll get a message when there’s an urgent issue that needs your support. The staff will even write your letters to Congress for you.

Join and Support PFLAG National
Straight for Equality is a program of PFLAG National. PFLAG has more than 400 chapters in places across the U.S. serving communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Become a member of PFLAG and consider connecting with a local chapter to find out how you can move equality forward in your community.