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NEW: 2023 Straight for Equality in the Workplace Learning Sessions Catalog
This brochure highlights the diverse learning session opportunities available through Straight for Equality (a program of PFLAG National). From basic learning sessions that make the case for diversity and inclusion to issue specific learning sessions that promote awareness about bullying in schools we definitely have what's right for you! (Contact us if you'd like a copy mailed to you.)

Ally Development

Want to be an Ally (Or Help One Out?): Straight for Equality in the Workplace

PDF icon 2022 - Want to be an Ally - One Pager.pdf

I’m Not LGBTQ+…Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That: Advanced Ally Skills

PDF icon 2022 - I'm Not LGBTQ+ - Overview.pdf

What Would You Do?: The Advanced Ally’s Guide to Being Active in Tough Situations

PDF icon 2022 - What Would You Do - Overview.pdf

Becoming a Trans Ally and Going Beyond the Binary

PDF icon 2022 - Trans & NB Allies - Overview.pdf

Becoming a Trans Ally and Going Beyond the Binary: What Would You Do?

PDF icon 2022 - Trans WWYD - Overview.pdf

What the +?: Understanding and Supporting Expansive LGBTQ+ Identities

PDF icon 2022 - What the + - Overview.pdf

Bi+ 101: How To Not Let Things Fall Bi The Wayside

PDF icon 2022 - Bi 101 - Overview.pdf
Building Networks

Thinking Strategically: Developing (and Growing) Your Ally Strategy

PDF icon 2022 - Thinking Strategically - Overview.pdf

Re-Envisioning Pride: Finding Signs of Hope and Action in Tough Times

PDF icon 2022 - Re-Envisioning Pride One Pager.pdf

Sharing Your Workplace Story to Create Change

PDF icon 2022 - Storytelling - Overview.pdf

Be Kind, Rewind: Recognizing Your Role in Building Inclusion

PDF icon 2022 - Be Kind Overview.pdf
Enhancing Your Education

When Someone Comes Out: Demonstrating Support & Acceptance

PDF icon 2022 - When Someone Comes Out - Overview.pdf

Don’t Know Much About LGBTQ+ History? The Ultimate LGBTQ+ History and Culture Extravaganza

PDF icon 2022 - History 101 - Overview.pdf

When LGBTQ+ Past and Present Collide! How LGBTQ+ History Can Illuminate Today’s Challenges

PDF icon 2022 - Past & Present - Overview.pdf

Cultivating Respect: Stopping Bullying to Create Safer Schools

PDF icon 2022 - Cultivating Respect - Overview.pdf

From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Addressing Bullying Behaviors

PDF icon 2022 - Classroom to Boardroom - Overview.pdf

Exclusive LGBTQ+ Legislative Issue Briefings

PFLAG Keynote Addresses

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